The Cook House | Serving Suggestions
We provide home cooked meals, ready made meals, packaged and then frozen for ease of storage in your freezer. Simply defrost and heat through for a scrumptious meal.
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Serving Suggestions

Allow us to help you serve your Meals with a little more flare

By using these helpful serving tips…

A super garnish we like to use for some of our soups is that we peel the skins off a whole sweet potato then peel up the entire sweet potato into lots of strips & deep fry the strips to golden & crispy.

Gently place a small handful on top of your soup, as a garnish.

So pretty & delicious!

Roasted Tomato & Lime Soup

If plating this soup individually for your guests, an swirl of cream out of a squeezy bottle or simply with a teaspoon, looks very pretty on presentation. If you feel like it, some chopped chives and a crack of black pepper look very special.

We also like to make crispy croutons and before baking them in the oven, we douse our bread cubes  with olive oil then give them a good squeeze of lemon for a zesty punch!

Cream of Courgette & Caramelised Onion Soup

Mix some crème fraiche with a touch of Mint sauce & place a teaspoon dollop as a finish to the soup just before serving, if plating your soup individually

The amount of Mint sauce will be to your own taste….so always taste!! Then add a small sprig of fresh mint to look a little fancy but do this just before serving as it will brown after a while on the hot soup.

Farmstyle Bacon & Bean Soup

We make beautiful big croutons from Cutting up a Ciabatta into big squares (approx 3cm) then we bake them tossed in olive oil & some salt- the result being a soft middle with crispy exterior adding a little richness to this hearty soup.

Cream of Carrot & Ginger Soup

Adding a splash of the colour green to this beautifully orange soup, works so well so chop up some chives or parsley and sprinkle on top before serving but take it one step further (if you feel like being fancy!) Follow the instructions for sweet potato crisps at the top of the page and you could even do the same with parsnips.. Elegant & delicious!

Spicy Mexican Pumpkin Soup

Gently fry up some pumpkin seeds for this delicious soup…no need for any oil simply dry fry them but remember to keep a beady eye on these babies as they tend to catch suddenly.. You’ll see them slightly puff up then you know they’re ready… You can first add a teaspoon of dbl cream yoghurt to the top of the soup and sprinkle a few toasted pumpkin seeds to garnish!

Cape Malay Creamed Chicken Masala

& Cape Malay Creamed Veggie Masala…

These dishes are both wonderful served with crunchy poppodums & sambals of chopped tomato, onion & cucumber. Add a dash of white wine vinegar or lemon juice to your sambals as acidity balances the cream factor in these dishes. Garnish with fresh coriander!

We also love to use a good mango Atchar & some chutney on the side …mmmmm!

Greek Style Moussaka…

Serve this piping hot & golden brown from the oven with a gorgeous Greek Salad

– traditionally with feta, olives, cucumber, tomato & onion. Bulk it up with a scrummy garlic bread on the side to lap up the sauces…

Family Style Roasted Pork & Leek Pie…

If you’re in for the effort, then a creamy mashed potato is gorgeous with this pie!

Otherwise cold accompaniments work superbly well – old fashioned potato salad and a fresh green crunchy salad will do perfectly

Country Chicken, Bacon & Pea Pie…

If you’re needing to bulk this one up then it will go beautifully with oven roasted potato wedges & roasted mediterranean veg

Alternatively a crunchy fresh salad always compliments this gorgeous pie!

Moroccan- Style Lamb

It is always fun to stick with the theme of the dish so we like to serve this with Moroccan-style sides.

Cous-Cous tossed with any vegetables is lovely BUT we enjoy taking it one step further.

Morocco is known for employing dried fruits in their cuisine so we use chopped dried apricots with sweet caramelised onion in the cous cous too.

Lots of fresh coriander is a must for this to taste more authentic too… I love to use a yoghurt sauce on the side made from full cream yoghurt, coriander, grated cucumber, garlic & lemon juice (salt to taste) – it really cools it off and adds more sauce to your dish.

Cooked Beetroot & a cumin guacamole with lemon on a fresh spinach salad is awesome with this one as well if you’re wanting a few different sides.

Beef Stroganoff

Do not over-heat this one! Simply heat through and serve with Rice, mashed potato or even a lovely alternative is to serve it with Spaetzle or Gnocchi….

Because this is such a creamy dish, it goes very well with a beautifully fresh & crunchy garden salad.

Braised Beef Pot

Our favourite is to use creamy mashed potato with this hearty beef dish.

But a sweet potato mash will go just as well & peas on the side make it feel even more homey.

Tip for the Pizzaiola & Alfredo Sauces

These sauces do not have to be employed as pasta sauces only.

We love roasting chicken pieces off then dousing them generously in any of these sauces to make a yummy casserole. It is lovely to roast your chicken off first to get a nice crispy skin if possible then dousing in hot sauce towards the end and finishing it all off together in the oven for the next 6 – 10 mins at 180˚C (depending on your oven- so always keep an eye that it’s not drying too much)

BUT these sauces work beautifully with most meats –

Try them on your rump steak rolls, over pork steaks or lamb chops at the braai… divine!