You Are What You Eat: Healthy Prepared Meals

by | Tanya's Tasty Tips

A healthy body starts with a healthy diet. Making sure you and your family eat well for wellness doesn’t need to involve lengthy meal preparation. The healthy prepared meals from The Cookhouse are good for you – and taste good too. Here’s how. 


Portion control without the counting

Part of eating healthily involves controlling portion sizes. With The Cookhouse, you can enjoy healthy prepared meals, which can easily help you with your meal size guide. We stock ‘Meals for One’ in our singles, ‘Meals for Two’ in our 2-portions, and ‘Family Meals’ in our 4-portion size. This means consistent meal portions and no over-eating, but still more than enough to keep you satisfied. 


Pleasing the masses without being mass produced

At The Cookhouse, all of our meals have no added preservatives, artificial flavourants, or colourants, making our meals far healthier for you than mass produced alternatives. 


Keeping it real

Our food is “unprocessed”.  In other words, we make real food like one would at home – no stabilizers or shelf-life enhancers, which are unnatural to the digestive system and body. This means you get the goodness of great ingredients without the worry around nasty additives – and with all the benefits of good home cooking.

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