Our sauces are SO much more than just pasta sauces! Each of our sauces is a meal in itself, packed FULL of the ingredient and with a dynamic of flavour that only slow cooking can evoke.  

Our Pizzaiola Sauces and Alfredo Sauce can be used in so many different ways. Here are our favourite tips.

  • Use one of our sauces as a casserole sauce by dousing your roasted chicken pieces, pork steaks, and/or vegetables with the sauces for the last 10 minutes in the oven. Top with your favourite sprinkling of cheese or fresh herbs and serve. ALL the hard work to create the depth of flavour is done!
  • All three of these make beautiful steak roll sauces.
  • They are a fantastic addition to any braai meat.
  • It is so easy to bulk up and make these sauces go further. Simply add grilled chicken strips, strips of rump steak, pork cubes, aubergines, or mushrooms. There’s no limit to the ingredients you can pair with these sauces.
  • Use instead of gravy with your next roast. These sauces are beautiful with meat – and especially with those roast potatoes!