Memorable Mealtimes: Luncheons, Dinner Parties, and Easy Holiday Meals

by | Tanya's Tasty Tips

If you are catering for a special occasion, make a meal of it without the effort by teaming up with The Cookhouse. Whether you are putting on a spread at home or looking to put your feet up on a self-catering holiday, we’ve got you covered. These meals are the perfect plan to impress your guests.

  • Nothing says, “let’s eat!” like our moreish Greek Style Moussaka. Stick with the Greek theme and serve this with a beautiful, big Greek salad and Greek-style roast potatoes (garlic, lemon, and rosemary).
  • Both of our Pies are meals in themselves and so work beautifully at a luncheon or dinner party. All you have to do is throw together a salad and, if you like, serve them with our famous Potato Mash. It couldn’t be simpler – and is oh-so popular with our customers!
  • Moroccan Style Lambmake your sauce go further by adding full cream plain yoghurt or, if you want to stick to dairy-free, coconut milk. Both go fantastically well with the multitude of fragrant spices in this dish. Serve on a bed of cous-cous with our Creamy Butternut Mash on the side and top with lots of fresh coriander.
  • Cape Malay Creamed Chicken Masalaone of our signature dishes, this is a fantastic option when entertaining guests. If you need to bulk it up, simply add your own steamed veg or potatoes and extra cream, yoghurt, or coconut milk. It’s so easy as this dish is packed FULL of flavour already. Serve with basmati rice, chutney, or mango atchar on the side and – my personal favourite – poppodums!
  • Beef Stroganoffthis classic dish goes beautifully over fettucine pasta or gnocchi. I love serving it over our buttery Potato Mash. You may want to add a dash of cream to extend your sauce. This is a real crowd pleaser that heats up in a matter of minutes. A lovely fresh salad on the side adds perfect freshness to this creamy dish.

Braised Beef PotThis one tastes like home – old fashioned, hearty shin stew with wonderful comforting flavours. Serve this over our Creamy Butternut Mash as a fantastic low carb option; otherwise our Potato Mash is a hit. Remember to serve with your favourite mustard on the side.

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