Ready-Made Gourmet Greens: Vegetarian Meals

by | Tanya's Tasty Tips

Vegetables are so much more than a side. At The Cookhouse, our vegetarian options give vegetables pride of place – made for taste and as a healthy meat-free option. Make more out of our vegetarian range with the following tips:

  1. Cream of Tomato, Onion, and Garlic Spinach

  • Beautiful as a pasta “sauce” – simply heat and add to your freshly cooked pasta (or our fettucine). Sprinkle with parmesan or cheddar and, if you like, fresh basil.
  • This tub of deliciousness makes an awesome mix for veggie lasagnes. It’s a cheat, but it works superbly! Lay down pasta sheets interspersed with our spinach and then topped with bechamel and cheese and bake to gooey… mmmmm!
  • Enjoy poured over crispy baked baby potatoes. Top with a good sprinkling of feta cheese and bake for a further 10 minutes or more depending on your oven. Top with fresh rocket and serve with garlic bread.
  • Make your own quiche by simply tossing this spinach into your quiche mix (eggs, cheese, etc.) and pour into your pastry base. Scrummy!


  1. Pizzaiola Sauce with Olives

This is SO much more than a pasta sauce! It’s my secret to lots of my vegetarian meals when hosting. We’ve cooked this sauce down for hours at The Cookhouse, so you have so little work left to do. Try it for:

  • Melanzane – simply the best!  
  • Veggie Casserole mixed with whole mushrooms or aubergine. Serve over brown rice, gnocchi, or crispy sweet potato wedges.
  • This makes the best “Shakshouka” (look it up – divine!). Simply pour into your oiled pan over low/medium heat, make a few holes, and crack an egg into each hole. Lid on top and gently bake your egg. Serve with crunchy ciabatta bread and butter.


  1. Cape Malay Creamed Veggie Masala

This versatile dish can be served in different and exciting ways:

  • Mix with our flavoured rice, add some full cream yoghurt, and sambals (if you like); then wrap up in rotis and serve.
  • My vegetarian friends love it when I serve this dish over barley for a change from rice. It gives the whole dish a wonderful texture twist and has that lovely, nutty flavour. I always do a dollop of my cucumber raita (a mix of plain yoghurt, mint, cucumber, lemon, and garlic).
  • Add lentils, steamed potatoes, and cream or coconut milk to literally double your portion size. No need to add any more flavour. Serve with traditional basmati and sambals on the side.


  1. Mac ‘n Cheese with Butternut Mash

Getting the kids to eat vegetables can be a challenge. My eight year old will only eat butternut this way! Decant The Cookhouse Mac ‘n Cheese into a big bowl. Add a tub of our Creamy Butternut Mash and mix the two together, thoroughly. Pop your mix into an oven dish and sprinkle cheese on top. Bake to crispy! It’s delicious and the kids hardly realise they’re eating a good portion of this beta-carotene filled, immune-boosting veg!